We are pleased to announce our plans to merge with Castlefields Practice are progressing well.

We are pleased to announce our plans to merge with Castlefields Practice are progressing well. Our ambition has always been to achieve this well rather than quickly and as a consequence we have now deferred the completion of the formal merger until 1st April 2020.

There are many reasons we think this will be beneficial including making our Practices more resilient and better able to meet the pressures facing the NHS and the changing nature of GP Service Provision.

In becoming a larger practice we will be better placed to access NHS funding which we can use, in turn to help improving access for you.

In becoming a larger partnership we will also benefit from a larger and more diverse clinical team providing opportunities for more specialist care and services.

In short, we believe merging Practices will enable us to better meet future challenges and better maximise resources to help protect and where possible improve access to services for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened so far?

So far, we have completed due diligence analysis on the proposal supported by robust professional, independent advice. We have held conversations with NHS England, Stafford and Surrounds Clinical Commissioning Group and our Patient Participation Group. All have been very supportive.

When will you merge?

We do want to ensure the merger is completed well rather than quickly and therefore have only a provisional date at this time of completing the formal processes by 1st April 2020.

Will there be a reduction in appointments available?

No. The Partnership continues to increase its clinical hours and the appointments available.

Is the Appointment System Changing?

No. All our Practices have slightly different appointment systems to best reflect the needs of local patients. We do ensure that appointments are fairly managed and split across all sites and we will continue to do so. We will however, be looking for ways to improve access by merging.

What will change for me?

We intend to look closely at how we both work with the intention of identifying and adopting best practice wherever we see it. This will not be rushed and, if changes are made they are likely to be gradual and will have a tangible benefit.

Will my Practice change/close?

No. All Practices will remain open for the same hours and you will be able to contact them exactly as you do now. No practices will be closed.

How will you keep me informed?

We will continue to liaise and discuss proposals with the Patient Participation Group. We will also regularly update this document as new questions are asked and will publish it this website and in the Practice.

Your Feedback

We are very keen to hear your ideas regarding how the new system should work and we very much welcome your suggestions, comments and thoughts. With nearly 20000 patients we know there will be differing views and we will be working hard with you and your Patient Participation Group to achieve the best outcomes.

Please use our comments and suggestions form to send us your views.