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    Patient Access

    The 'Patient Access' website is a national platform, run in partnership with NHS England, which allows patients across the country to access GP and Pharmacy services online.

    If you register for an account on the 'Patient Access' website, you will then be able to access a range of services at your Surgery. These include:


    Patient Access is an independent service provided and sponsored by NHS England. The team at your local surgery can only provide you with the means to set up an account. Once you have set your account up, the staff at your Surgery cannot access your account in any way.

    For help see 'Getting Support' below.

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    Mobile App

    The free Patient Access app provides greater convenience for patients who are away from a desktop PC or laptop, with access to an Android or Apple Smartphone.

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    How to Register for Patient Access

    To register for access to Online Services you will need to complete the 'Patient Access Registration' form. The form can be downloaded from this website (see below) or via your surgery.

    Once completed, you will need to take the form to your local practice along with 2 forms of identification (one of which must contain photographic evidence). The Practice will then provide you with the information you will need to set up your Patient Access Account.

    Patient Access Registration Forms

    Online Application Consent Form

    Online Application Consent Form (for your child)

    Online Application Consent Form (proxy access)