Weeping Cross telephone 01785 662 505
Beaconside telephone 01785 214 424
John Amery telephone 01785 252 244

Healthcare Team


Our doctors work in a partnership and as a group. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the doctors in the partnership.

Dr Stuart Lloyd MB ChB 1977 Birmingham MRCP.
Male, Senior Partner

Dr Clare Newell BM BS 1990 Nottingham DCH DSRH MRCGP.
Female, Partner

Dr Guy Skilton MA (Masters in law and medical ethics) MBBS (London) DRCOG , MRCGP, T(GP).
Male, Partner

Dr Nick Aldridge BM BS 1988 London DCH DRCOG.
Male, Partner

Dr Puja Choudhury MBBS Calcutta 1997 MRCP, MRCGP, DFFP.
Female, Partner

Female, Partner

Dr Ruth Hesford MB ChB (Manchester 2008) MRCGP
Female, Partner

Dr Adel El-Alfy MB CH MD DCH 1993 Amsterdam.
Male, Salaried GP

Dr Padma Bhatraju MBBS, MRCGP, MRCP
Female, Salaried GP

Dr Juanita Cediel Medico Cirujano 1987
Female, Salaried GP

Dr Lee Sanders-Crook
Male, Salaried GP

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Advanced Nurse Practitioners

  • Jo Rowley
  • Kelly Quirk
  • Becky Collier

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are medical professionals who have undertaken considerable training and act as the triage service for the GPs. They are able to prescribe medications, diagnose, treat and refer. Please note they are not able to issue sickness certificates. They work across all three of our sites on various days and times.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Health Services.

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Emergency Care Practitioner

Sarah Garratt

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Practice Nurses

  • Andrea Lawson RGN
  • Linda Herbert
  • Li Shah Lloyd
  • Kelly Mettam

Practice nurses work at all our surgeries. They are available throughout the week. They undertake routine procedures for us. Practice Nursing Services.

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Dispensing, Healthcare Assistants and Clinical Audit


Angela White

Health Care Assistant and Phlebotomist

Julie Widdowson Bishop and Anna Rutherford


Shelagh Baskerville and Sam Mackley

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Clinical Pharmacists

Parina Dattani, Rebecca Saha and Rachel Aartis

Pharmacy Technicians

Lea Brown-Reay and Qadeer Nawaz

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Community Healthcare Team

Community Healthcare Team Services.


Jackie Reed

Health Visitors

Community Health Visitor

Mental Health Practitioner

Tanya Mataranyika and Gemma Salmon

Support, Time and Recovery Worker

Sophie Maunders


Community Midwife

First Contact Physiotherapists

Dilmon Jacob, Aaron Stubbs and Paul Hanson


Sharon Jones

Social Prescribers

Brian Morris, Rebecca Small, Amey Lloyd and Celia Robertson

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Practice Management

Gareth Edwards Business Manager

Mrs Ann Broadfield Assistant Practice Manager

Mrs Rachael Stokes Assistant Practice Manager

If you wish to discuss administrative or non-medical aspects of your health treatment or if you have any ideas which will improve the services we provide, our Business Manager may be able to help you.

The Managers also deal with problems or complaints you may have to do with the Practice.

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  • Claire Bennett
    Supervisor at Weeping Cross
  • Juliette Waters
    Supervisor at Weeping Cross
  • Joanne Brown
    Supervisor at Beaconside Health Centre
  • Michelle Atkinson
    Supervisor at Beaconside Health Centre
  • Lou Luckman
    Supervisor at  John Amery Drive
  • Julie Hughes
  • Debra Marks
  • Susan Evans
  • Carolyn Jackson
  • Angela Clarke
  • Teressa Williams
  • Alison Yates
  • Olivia Kelly
  • Gaynor Zyskowski
  • Lynn Davies
  • Carol Robinson
  • Denise Scott
  • Claire McGowan
  • Danielle Lainton
  • Kerry Whiting
  • Emma Piddock
  • Gail Seel

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Administration and House Keeping

Business Support Officer

Emma Marshall

Primary Care Network Manager

Claire Share

Practice Secretary

Anita Peacock

Data Quality

Janice Bleasdale Lynn, Claire Bennett, Angela White, Ruth Yates and Alison Percival

House Keeping

Joan Hawkins and Rachel Staley