Viewing Your Test Results Online


You can see your common test results online, via Patient Access.

These are tests that have been requested or completed by the Practice on your behalf.

Please note: If you have had any tests requested by another party (i.e. your consultant or another NHS organisation) you will still have to contact them directly for results.

How do I sign up for this service?

To access your results online you will need to have an online account with Patient Access. If you would like to register for online access please see our Patient Access page. If you have already registered for the service you will start seeing test results for any tests you after on or after 1st April 2020. You will not be able to see results for any test prior to this date.

If you do not wish to create a patient access account please continue to access your results in the usual way.

What will I see? What do I need to do?

All your test results are reviewed by the Practice prior to being made available to you. This means you will see your results and any comments that the Clinician reviewing your records has made (please see below for further explanation).

Please be assured that if your results need immediate attention we will contact you. In all other circumstances it remains your responsibility to check your results and act on the guidance provided.

My results are outside of normal range, what should I do?

Your laboratory results may be outside of the so-called “normal range”. Variations in individual test results can be for many reasons including your race, dietary preference, age, sex, degree of physical activity, medication and a large number of other clinical and non-clinical factors.

You may notice that your results fall outside of the normal average for you test. Despite your results being outside of the ‘expected’ range they may still be normal for you. To help you interpret your results a comment will be left (by the Clinician who reviews your results) which will include any actions you need to take. Please see the table below for an explanation of the comments that may be included with your test results.

Test Explanations

View some explanations of what you may see on Patient Access.